Auto-updating author/group bibliographies

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refbase has the ability to automatically generate bibliographies based on the database information which is perfect for creating automatically updating reference lists for your organization, group or CV.

Important: Please note that the features described below refer to refbase-0.9.0 or greater. See this forum thread for an explanation how the same can be achieved using refbase-0.7 or refbase-0.8.0.

All given links are working examples which you can try out.


Institutional or group bibliographies

refbase offers a contribution_id field which was introduced for the purpose of building an institute's bibliography. If a publication originated from your own institute, goto the edit form of that record and mark the checkbox next to "... publication" at the bottom of the page (where "..." is your institutional abbreviation), then click the "Save" button. This will append your institutional abbreviation to the contribution_id field.

You can now include a link on your web site that will always display all of your institute's publications. Here's an example for publications of the Institute for Polar Ecology (IPÖ), displaying found records (without any duplicate entries) in cite view and with 100 records per page:


Often, you want your institute's publications returned in chronological order such that the most recent publications are at the top of the page. This can be achieved by appending citeOrder=year to the URL:


Similarly, you can use citeOrder=type to group publications by resource type (such as peer-reviewed publications, theses, monographs, etc). Use citeOrder=type-year to group your publications first by resource type, then by year:


Note that the above examples include research papers as well as book contributions and theses. Adding thesis=no to the URL will exclude any theses from the reference list:


And if you only want to include research papers (i.e., exclude any book contributions as well), you can add type=article:


Similarly, this URL will only show book contributions by use of type=book:


The thesis parameter can be also used to exclude all references but theses. Following example URLs will display all theses, only doctoral theses, only Diploma theses and only habilitation theses, respectively:


You can also add parameters that control how your reference lists will be displayed on screen. For example, to display your publications in print view (viewType=Print) and without any links (showLinks=0):


In order to use another citation style than the default one, pass your style's name with the citeStyle parameter. The example below will use the citation style "J Glaciol":

show.php?contribution_id=IPÖ&without=dups&submit=Cite&showRows=100&citeOrder=year&citeStyle=J Glaciol

Finally, you can use the headerMsg parameter to pass a custom message that will be displayed in the page header. Typical header messages would be "Publications of the Institute of ..." or "Dissertation theses of ...", etc. Here's an example:

show.php?contribution_id=IPÖ&without=dups&submit=Cite&showRows=100&citeOrder=year&headerMsg=Publications of the Institute for Polar Ecology:

All described parameters can be freely combined to form an URL that suits your needs.

Author bibliographies

Similar to institutional or group bibliographies, you can construct URLs that will always show all publications of a particular author. I.e., by adopting one of the example URLs below and including it on your personal web page, it's easy to present an up-to-date reference list of all your publications (or your most recent or most important ones, etc).

Here's an example that displays all publications by author "Piepenburg" (excluding any duplicate entries, displayed in cite view, with 100 records per page and sorted by year):


The below example is the same as above but will only display the most recent publications by author "Piepenburg", in this example all publications since 2000:


Note that the value passed to the year parameter ('^20') is a regular expression pattern which means: match the beginning of the field's contents ('^'), then any string that starts with the number '20'. This will find all records from year 2000 onwards.

This example will always display all publications by author "Piepenburg" that were published in the last 5 years:


You can use the userID=xx parameter in conjunction with selected=yes to display only those publications by author "Piepenburg" (who has a database user ID of '4') that this author has selected to be included within his list of selected publications:


As mentioned above, you can use the headerMsg parameter to pass a custom message that will be displayed in the page header, such as in:

show.php?author=piepenburg&userID=4&selected=yes&submit=Cite&showRows=100&citeOrder=year&headerMsg=Publications of Dieter Piepenburg:

And finally, this link will return the list of selected references for this author in an export format (such as 'Endnote'):


Let us know, if you run into any problems!