Citation styles

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This page lists all citation styles that are available in refbase-0.9.5 or greater.


Available citation styles

General styles

Journal-specific styles

In addition to the general styles listed above, refbase ships with some citation styles that were specifically written for journals in the field of marine biology. However, since many of the larger publishers use only a few styles for many of their journals, these styles may also be suitable for other journals from the same publisher. Check out the style definitions & examples below to see whether one of these styles might fit your needs.

The available styles dont fit my needs – what now?

The existing citation styles are currently encoded as raw .php scripts (see the cite/styles directory). These files are well documented, and anyone with a bit of scripting knowledge should be able to adopt one of the existing styles to one's own needs — especially when one starts with the most similar style. If this is no option for you, don't hesitate to let us know and we'll see what we can do.

See also Configuring refbase for more information about the administration of citation styles.

Future plans

We plan to add more styles, and we'd like to allow for easier customisation of existing styles — preferably thru a standard citation style syntax such as CSL. More information is available on our Planned features page.