Exporting records

From refbase

This document describes how to export records from your refbase database.

Supported export formats

refbase allows you to (batch) export records to various bibliographic formats. Supported export formats:

(*) Formats marked with an asterisk are provided via Bibutils.

The database admin can control export permissions as well as the list of available export formats individually for each user.

Alternatives to web-based export

Besides export of records via the web interface, refbase provides a 'refbase' command line client to access a refbase server and (batch) export records via the command line. In addition, refbase supports the OpenSearch and SRU/W web services that allow clients to access a refbase database using a standard query syntax (CQL) and retrieve results in HTML or XML formats. refbase also includes its own search & retrieve interface (show.php) which, among other things, lets you export records in all supported formats. More info about the show.php API is available here and here.