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Please see our wiki page on planned feature additions. If you don't find your feature suggestion there, feel free to add your suggestions below or use our Feature Requests forum on SourceForge.


More reference links

Background: sometimes/often it is needed to find more information about references in the web (e.g. who cited the article, is there any .pdf outside etc.). Up to now, one has to copy the desired fields into the search engines (google und co). It could be helpful to have additional links on the details page for:

  • Google
  • Google Schoolar
  • ISI Web of Sciences
  • Mailto: author (a dedicated email-adress field could be helpful)


We plan to support custom (user-specific) links in a future version. Users would be able to setup multiple custom links using refbase's placeholder syntax. For each record, refbase would then autocomplete these links according to the record's specific field data. Matthias

Easier creation of new users

When creating a new user, often information has to be added, which is the same, as for existing users (institution, address etc.). Therefore it would be nice if one could take over infos from existing users when adding new users.


In a future version, the admin will eventually be able to add multiple users at once via batch import of user information from a text file. This feature could be easily adopted to add a single new user with institutional base information that already exists in a text file. Matthias

Custom fields

Custom fields would be a nice feature. Just like the it is implemented in WIKINDX. Custom fields could be anything. E.g. number of pages, language, etc. Creation and edit of custom fields should only be available to the admin.


This is a good suggestion and we'll discuss this among developers (some time ago, I played with this idea myself but other features were considered more important back then). Thanks, Matthias

Custom skins/templates/styles

A custom skin could help integrate refbase into one's website.


this has been discussed among the developers and we'll consider this. As a short-term goal, we plan to provide more CSS hooks so that people can customize the appearance of their refbase web pages more easily. Matthias
You can go a long way by editing the css and header/footer files. We have a skins directory in our subversion repository which provides an example. --Karnesky 03:38, 7 November 2006 (CET)

Custom languages

Custom languages, maybe as an module, so users could translate and these translations could be added to the sourceforge repository.


for each supported language, refbase-0.9.0 stores localized strings in a separate file (inside the locales subdirectory). Everybody is welcome to translate these files to another language. Note, however, that not all parts of the interface have been currently internationalized, this will be completed in a future version of refbase. Matthias