Managing record groups

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This page explains how to use groups in refbase:


About the groups feature

Many web applications allow users to add selected records to a "marked list" (sometimes also named "shopping cart"). The refbase groups feature offers similar functionality in that it allows to easily assemble records into record collections.

Compared to the typical "marked list" feature, the groups feature has a few advantages:

  • You can setup as many groups as you like.
  • You can give your record collections meaningful names.
  • Your groups will remain available across different logins.

Working with groups

Adding records to a group

When logged in, simply perform these steps:

1. In the search results list, select the desired records by clicking the checkbox that's available to the left of a particular record. You can also click the "Select All" link to select all records on the current results page.

2. Select a group (or type a new group name) in the group form below the search results list. The form may be hidden under the link "Cite, Group & Export Options".

3. Click the "Add" button.

This will add all selected records to the chosen group. You could then proceed to the next results page (or perform another search), and repeat the above three steps as necessary.

Displaying a group of records

Your groups are available on the main page as well as under the "Search & Display Options" link above the search results list. To display a particular group, select the group from the dropdown menu of the "Show My Group" form and click the "Show" button.

Removing records from a group

If you'd like to remove particular record(s) from an existing group, perform these steps:

1. In the search results list, select the desired records.

2. In the group form below the search results list, select the group from which you want to remove the selected records.

3. Click the "Remove" button.

This will remove all selected records from the chosen group.

Groups FAQ

How can I add or remove a particular group?

In refbase, groups of references are managed simply by adding or removing records to the group. As soon as you add a new group name (which doesn't yet exist) to one or more records, the group name is automatically added to the dropdown menu of the "Show My Group" form. And when you remove a particular group name from the last record (in that group), the group name will automatically disappear from the "Show My Group" form.

How can I rename a particular group?

You can "rename" a group by assigning the new group name to the desired set of records, then removing the old group name from the same list of records. See also the previous FAQ entry.

Can I share my groups with other users?

Currently, groups are always user-specific, i.e. they are private and cannot be shared with other users. However, we plan to open up the refbase group (aka tagging) mechanism so that groups can be made public, group-specific or private.