Manual batch import

From refbase

If you're coming from Endnote you may want to try out the Endnote style file and PHP script that's included with refbase. This style file and php script allows Endnote users to transfer data into refbase at the command line (see the readme file in the contrib/endnote directory for further information).

If you don't use Endnote, here are some notes how to prepare data for upload into your newly created MySQL tables:

  • fields are separated by tabs, records are separated by returns (if not specified otherwise within the LOAD DATA statement)
  • DATE format must be YYYY-MM-DD and TIME format must be HH:MM:SS
  • carriage returns within fields must be represented by a newline character (\n, ASCII character 10)
  • empty fields must be indicated by \N
  • character encoding: higher ASCII chars must be encoded as 'latin1', i.e. 'ISO-8859-1 West European'
  • file encoding must be UNIX
  • assuming your data file is named refs.txt, you should be able to upload your data using a LOAD DATA statement within the MySQL command line interpreter:

or, alternatively, use something like the following from your shell:

mysqlimport --local -u root -p YOUR_DB_NAME "/PATH/TO/FILE/refs.txt"

Note that if you're going to use the mysqlimport data import program the data file must be named refs.txt.