Refbase markup syntax

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This page explains the markup syntax used by refbase:


refbase offers an inline text markup syntax that can be used to provide richer text capabilities (like displaying italics or super-/subscript) from the plain text data delivered by the MySQL database. It works by means of "human readable markup" that's used within the plain text fields of the database to define rich text characters.

As an example, if you enclose a particular word by substrings (like _in-situ_) this word will be output in italics. Similarly, **word** will print the word in boldface, CO[sub:2] will cause the number in CO2 to be set as subscript while [delta] will produce a greek delta letter.

Supported markup

Here's a list that shows examples for all supported markup constructs:

Markup Output Markup Output Markup Output Markup Output
_italic text_ italic text **bold text** bold text PO[sub:4][super:-3] PO4-3 [delta][super:13]C δ13C
T_[sub:water]_ Twater [permil] [infinity] [alpha] α
[beta] β [gamma] γ [delta] δ [epsilon] ε
[zeta] ζ [eta] η [theta] θ [iota] ι
[kappa] κ [lambda] λ [mu] μ [nu] ν
[xi] ξ [omicron] ο [pi] π [rho] ρ
[sigmaf] ς [sigma] σ [tau] τ [upsilon] υ
[phi] φ [chi] χ [psi] ψ [omega] ω
[Alpha] Α [Beta] Β [Gamma] Γ [Delta] Δ
[Epsilon] Ε [Zeta] Ζ [Eta] Η [Theta] Θ
[Iota] Ι [Kappa] Κ [Lambda] Λ [Mu] Μ
[Nu] Ν [Xi] Ξ [Omicron] Ο [Pi] Π
[Rho] Ρ [Sigma] Σ [Tau] Τ [Upsilon] Υ
[Phi] Φ [Chi] Χ [Psi] Ψ [Omega] Ω