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Add MySQL User
Adding recordsAuto-updating author/group bibliographiesBackup the database
Batch SQL modificationsBibTeX/LaTeX integrationBiblio::Refbase
Chinese localization package
Citation listsCitation styles
Command line clients
Configuring refbaseCreating the first user
Customizing the display of resultsCustomizing user authentication (Pubcookie)Database configuration
Deep Sea ResDeleting records
DocumentationEditing records
Exporting recordsFeature highlights
Feature requestHandling of duplicates
Import Example: BibTeXImport Example: CSA
Import Example: EndnoteImport Example: ISI Web of ScienceImport Example: MEDLINE
Import Example: MODS XMLImport Example: PubMed XMLImport Example: RIS
Import Example: RefWorksImport Example: SciFinder
Importing recordsInstallation-TroubleshootingInstalling refbase
Integrating refbase into your web siteIntegration with online servicesIntegration with other reference managers
InterfaceInterface FAQJ Glaciol
Library SearchLinking to records
MEPSMS Word integration
Main featuresManaging record groupsManual batch import
Manual installationMar BiolMore detailed introduction
MySQL tables
OO.o Writer integrationOpenSearch service
Placeholder syntaxPlanned feature additionsPolar Biol
RSS features
Recall My Query
Refbase markup syntax
Refbase usersRelating records to each other
Release notesRequired PHP-INI SettingsRequirements
SVN versionSVN version - Recent changes
Search/Retrieve web servicesSearchingSharing records
Standard link resolver support: OpenURL & COinS
Table refsThe 'next release' question
TroubleshootingUnAPI service
Updating refbase
User optionsWeb Reference Database