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PHP won't parse refbase scripts

I'm having another little problem : the refbase php pages are not interpreted by PHP but displayed as they were text pages. If I put a phpinfo.php file in the same folder with This : <? phpinfo.php ; ?> , everything works fine. (And all my others PHP pages on the server are OK too).

It seems to be a problem with the character coding ... gEdit cannot open the files as well, it doesn't recognize the character encoding. But vi opens them.

I'm using refbase 0.8, a fresh install of Ubuntu 5.10 and WAMPP.

Thank you !


character encoding of the refbase script files should be ISO-8859-1 (aka Western ISO-Latin-1) and files are saved with UNIX line endings. You should be able to open these files in a standard text editor, otherwise something went wrong, probably when downloading/unpacking the archive?

I think it would be better to use our forums or mailing lists for further discussions. The forums and mailing lists are monitored by more people -- which may increase the chance that somebody knows a solution to your problem.

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One of the refbase script files did inadvertently contain some control/null characters which seemed to be the cause of the problem. This has been fixed and won't cause any problems in a future version of refbase.