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Greetings. I just signed up on your wiki here. Yes, I'm the same MaxEnt who contributed links to the Reference Manager page at en.wikipedia, much of which you later deleted as link spam. But then, I was not alone. Several other casual editors contributed similar link spam, which you again diligently deleted.

As you might guess from my user name, my background is in the area of information theory, which is the source of my bemusement that WP:NOTABILITY is widely applied as requiring the representation of a negative (the proposition that a certain object is non-notable) by blankness (the deletedness of the object's mention). If you think this through, every editor who comes along to assert completeness must run through all the prospective non-notables and come to the same conclusion to do nothing that the next person must again repeat, at non-zero cost.

Philosophical differences aside, you did some fabulous work in cleaning up the reference manager comparison page. With the benefit of your tables I was able to quickly select the reference manager with the features I desire (what originally brought me to edit that page), and directly I landed here on the refbase project with eyebrows arched.

I hope I'm able to make some positive contributions to the clarity and completeness of your documentation pages as I work through my own install. MaxEnt 13:05, 17 March 2007 (CET)